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Hello pet lovers and friends.


My dog Chester was running, he was playing yesterday and he hurt his leg. He was not in a pain, at least, he didn’t show any signs of it.

He continued to play in the yard.

So, according to his behavior, I was thinking that this is nothing serious.

But, today, he is less active.

When I came back from work, he didn’t want to go out, he didn’t want to walk with me.

He was just lying in his corner.

I looked at his leg, and I saw that this leg is swollen.Do you know any home treatment for swollen leg in dogs?

Should I visit the vet? 


Hello. You should visit your vet, because his leg can be infected as well. Of course, there are a numerous of treatments that are really effective for your dog swollen leg. But, this damage may disrupt the flow of the lymphatic system. Injuries like this one can cause swelling and it requires a treatment such as meds – with pain relievers and anti – inflammatory drugs. In your case, I think that home treatments can’t help you that much. You can put some creams on it and you can try to clean it, but trust me, that is not enough. Visit the vet. 



Hello there.

That is something that happens all the time with dogs. In their nature is that they are playful, they are running away, without control.


That is how they hurt themselves.

I had this problem like a million of times. When I see that my dog’s leg is swollen, I put some sterile gaze on it and I clean it with water.


But, that is not solution. The only solution is to take your dog to the vet, because this leg can be infected and the only help in this case is some antibiotic. I really hope that there is no infection. 



Hey there.


I don’t know that much about dogs and their diseases and health issues, but I was reading a little bit about swollen legs in dogs.


I know that I read that you should apply a cold compress on a swollen leg, on the affected area. It might help.

I am pretty sure that this will stop body from releasing the pain causing by chemicals that prompt the swelling.

You should do the next – rinse a clean cloth in cold water and hold it on injury. Place cold pack filled with ice on top of the wet cloth.

You should do this more than 10 minutes several times a day.