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i should have my period on nov.08-10th but i started to have some spotting with light and brownish discharge from nov.18-25th. i remember, there was a time that there's only some light blood and sometimes dark brownish color discharge from me...

also, during these period (from nov.18-25th), i felt lower back and abdomen pain which i think not the normal symptoms for pregnancy. i never felt his feeling before when i'm pregnant with my first baby... i don't want to check for now with the pregnancy test because i don't want to be pregnant if still possible.

is this a sign of pregnancy, miscarriage or what? i learned that with the above symptoms, there might be some reasons, either pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy or just some infected with U.T.I. in which i've been experiencing spotting with light discharge... please help me to think what is this all about and really much appreciate to receive a feedback or comment from you out there.



Well actually some pregnancies do cause back and abdominal pain but it will fell more like cramps and not like balling over pain. If the pain was severe then I'll sya that maybe you could be having/had a miscarriage or having an ectopic pregnancy. You should go see a doctor to be sure though. Good luck ;-)