For years the inside of my vagina has been very red, tender and almost raw feeling. I've never been able to use tampons because it hurt too bad. I am able to get wet and the entrance to my vagina is more red and sore than the rest. Now that I'm pregnant, I am very swollen in that area, it hurts to even move, my vagina hurts so bad. I feel very raw and I've noticed a whitish discharge but no itching. I'm puzzled as to what this is. I've been to multiple doctors and they've tested me for STD's. I had a swab for herpes by it never grew so they said I didn't have that. I've taken yeast infection treatments, which didn't do a bit of good. They said I had bacterial vaginosis, and took medicine but that didn't help either. I hurt and can't come up with a reason for this constant irritation. Hope you can help!