For 6 years now, ever since I had my son, I have been battling bacterial vaginosis. I have been tested for STDs countless times (always negative) and only had one partner for the majority of the time anyway. I am 24 now and the first time I got vaginosis I was 18 or 19, it was about a year after giving birth. I never had a lot of discharge like a lot of the posts I have read about BV, just a really strong fishy/ammonia odor and slight discomfort. Basically as soon as I have sex, it comes back within a month. My partner was treated three times for it as well but it comes back anyway. We eventually broke up, and my new partner, also gave it to me every single time. My whole life when I had sex it did have a bad odor, but it was only for 24 hours after I had sex until I gave birth. And it takes about 6 months to show up in a culture, I will KNOW I have it a month after I have sex by the smell and discomfort, but the doctors will not treat me until it shows up in that culture so I always have to deal with it for months at a time. I have taken flagyl and clendamyacin, the other one I am allergic to. I have better results with the clendamyacin, and ever since the second time I got BV I have taken Femdopholus probiotics. They do help, if I do not have them the odor is so bad after sex even showering does not help and it would be so bad within a week. But is still comes back and they are expensive I can not afford to take them 3 times a day. I wash my underwear in hot water and vinegar, never douche or use soaps down there. I kept a log of what I ate and three doctors said none of that should be causing me to get BV over and over again. I am at my wits end here. And now they gave me the boric acid treatment, it seemed ok the 5 days I used it but now it feels even worse, my vagina actually burns sometimes now where it never did before, and my underwear constantly smell soured. When I work I have to actually keep some in my purse and change them halfway through the day it gets so disgusting. Help?!? And I have not been exposed to anything since, so I could not have gotten an STD in the meantime. I am going to the doctor again next week and would like some ideas on what to talk to her about.