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I had mono like 2 months ago Wick caused the lymph nodes in my neck to swell and also caused my neck to hurt. After a few weeks the swelling and the pain reduced but after a few more weeks the pain returned but as a different kind of pain. My head feels to heavy for my neck and no matter my position, I still feel like I'm straining my neck. What is wrong? What can I do?


Hi Angie,

Recovery from mononucleosis can last for a few weeks since basically all the treatment you usually get when you have mono is advice to rest as much as you can, eat healthy and wait until your immune system deals with infection. If your immune system is weakened for any reason, than the virus that causes mononucleosis can start causing its symptoms again. I'd recommend you to see a doctor again to check if mono virus is responsible for what you're experiencing now. Mono rarely causes complications, but they can happen and they can be as serious as spleen infection, so it's definitely the best for you to make sure what exactly is going on - even if something else is the cause

Wish you all the best,