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Hi i have swollen glands, swollen olive sized lymph on left side of neck, a smaller pea size one below and again a couple of peasize ones on right side of neck, left side is sore. I quit smoking cig and weed about a month and a half ago. I was smoking every day for a few years as i was trying to forget a traumatic event. During this last 2 years i've had a dramatic weight loss but my energy has always been up. now my energy is low, neck is sore, throat sore and worried that i've really wrecked myself. A couple of weeks ago i also had a tetnus, polio booster i don't know if that could effect anything? i eat seriously well, tons of veg, coconut water. etc I know i need to see the doc but does anyone else have similar symptoms after quiting or from a jab?



your lymph nodes swell up as a part of the immune system reaction - all the bacteria and viruses your body fight against end up in the lymph nodes. The tetanus and polio booster don't contain any bacteria, but they do have enough of the toxic substance to cause your immune system to react. And it might be that simply while you were also stressed out from quitting smoking you caught a cold or a virus that caused sore throat on top of everything. Try taking a few days of rest, any effect from the boosters should clear up in a few days. Hopefully, the throat will too and maybe you’ll finally start feeling better all together, since you’ll be smoke free, as well.

Wish you all the best,