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Hi, you can call me dimples. I am a virgin, but lately my boyfriend and I have been having oral sex. Well basically he goes down on me. In the begining it was okay but now it seems like every time when he is done it feels weird like I feel burning or maybe a little itching. Sometimes I could be at home and it would feel like my vagina is sweating and then it would start itching. I looked at my vagina and it looks like it has alot of bumps with white dandruff looking things. Sometimes my vagina burns after I pee, when I wipe myself. I also get discharges. Do you think I need to see a doctor or something? What do you think this can be can you please get back to me as soon as possible?


Yes, I think you should see a doctor. Itching and burning down there usually indicates some sort of infection, bacterial or yeast, so it would be wise to have that checked. Excessive discharge confirms my thoughts.

Since you reported having flaky skin, it could be some sort of skin irritation or reaction, so you definitely would need some kind of treatment to get rid of these symptoms.

You should relax, because you didn’t contract any STD, it is usually not contracted just by a guy going down on you unless he has visible signs of herpes around his mouth but your symptoms don’t resemble herpes, so I would rule out that.

If he did fingering on you, it is quite possible that he spread bacteria from anal area to the vagina and that you contracted bacterial infection. These are easily treated with a course of antibiotics within a week or so but you need to see a gynecologist, prolonging could only make things worse and you may end up having more problems and more infections.

Besides bacteria, this could also be yeast infection that usually has nothing to do with sex. Yeast infection occurs when your immune system’s impaired, after prolonged antibiotic treatment or excessive douching and vaginal washing. Yeast infection also needs treatment and I would advise you once again to go and see a gyn.