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This is pretty personal but I need some advice.

My first trip to the gyno wasn't a very pleasant one. After having only ONE sex partner, I was told I had chlamydia. Thank god it was only a bacteria that could be killed with antibiotics, however, after I took them, I still had a discharge. So I go back to the gyno. She retests me for chlamydia (which comes back negative, BTW), does a slide, and tells me I have Bacterial Vaginosis. So I do another round of antibiotics, and that was about a month ago.

Here's my problem. I've had all sorts of bacteria accumulating in my vagina for the past few months, and it's scares the sh*t out of me. The discharge that I've been having went away for a while, but it comes back every other day. I've also starting cramping in one of my ovaries since the day I've ovulated which was three days ago. I had sex a few days before ovulating, but we didnt go without a condom for more than a few minutes (I highly doubt I'm pregnant). Do I need to go back to the doctor? Is there a possibility I've messed up my chance to have kids in the future because of the infections?


Hi there! I don’t think it is such a big problem that you suffered from two bacterial infections in a row if both of them have been treated.
Chlamydia can cause infertility by progressing to Fallopian tubes and causing scarring or something (I have been reading about it) but only if it hasn’t been treated. Now, the question is if your boyfriend also had treatment for Chlamydia because he should have, otherwise you could get it again.

The excessive discharge you are experiencing now could be yeast infection that usually occurs after a prolonged antibiotic treatment. Yeast infection occurs when yeast that normally lives in the vagina overgrows due to the lack of friendly bacteria that has been also killed during antibiotic treatment. Yeast infection is commonly followed with symptoms like excessive discharge, fishy odor, itching, redness but of course not all the symptoms need to be present. Yeast infection is treated with antifungal cream or suppositories or whatever. I would see a doc again just to make sure all the bacterial infections had cleared and see if there is yeast overgrowth.