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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie so I hope I am posting in the right area and asking the correct question(s)!

I get heat rash fairly badly and if I get stressed I get itchy bumps on on my arms, shoulders and back....obviously there is no real treatment for heat rash I understand this.

However, whether I am hot or not, I always seem to be getting spots underneath the little bit of hair I have on my temples at the front of my head. They are always about the size of a regular spot, and if squeezed gunk comes out like a regular spot.

But they really hurt....I have stopped using hair gel as I know this clogs the pores, I shower every day and wash my hair (sometimes twice a day) but it doesn't seem to help.

If anyone has any idea's or suggestions as to what these are or how to prevent them, I would really appreciate it. :-)



Hi Mike, welcome to the site, with regards to your skin it sounds as though you are doing everything you should. It is possible to have isolated areas of stubbourn acne, and in these cases your doctor should be abe to prescribe either a cream to rub into the area or a tablet to prevent the spots in the first place. If you are having problems with your skin whether on your face, back or shoulders etc it is always worth getting a professional opinion as it can be treated very effectively and reduce the risk of any permenant scarring. hope this helps and keep posting with any questions - kate