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Taming curling hair doesn't mean that you have to dig out the straighteners. Embrace your curls and love your locks by following our top tips for taming curly hair.

Having curly hair quite often goes hand in hand with having frizzy hair, especially if you live in a warm or humid environment. Many gals with curly hair often resort to straighteners and straightening treatments, particularly when they're younger and in school. Although this is one way to tame curly hair - after all, if it isn't curly you don't have to worry about your waves sitting right or about tangles - why not embrace your curly locks? Us ladies with hair as straight as a poker fork out thousands of pounds a year to add curls to our boring straight hair, buying everything from rollers to curling wands, spending many an uncomfortable night with pins sticking into our heads. Follow our tips to learn how to tame your curly locks and to embrace them, without resorting to spending many an hour putting your hair through straightening iron hell.

Don't Shampoo Everyday

Many girls make a habit of shampooing their hair everyday - after all, it'd be greasy and horrible otherwise, wouldn't it? Well, we beg to differ. Your scalp needs some of those natural oils and if you strip them away everyday, your scalp will actually produce more oil (grease) to compensate - which means that your hair ends up greasier than if you'd just left it for another day. If you particularly struggle with frizz, don't wash your hair every time you jump in the shower - just condition it instead.

Washing it daily will dry it out, which will just make things even worse, so wash it every other day or every third day and the rest of the time, just condition.

You could even drop to shampooing just once or twice a week.

Step Away From the Brush

Once your hair is dry, it can be tempting to brush it through just to finish your style. Plus, we've all heard the myth - "Brushing your hair 100 times before bed will make it look soft and shiny" - but if you have curly hair, brushing it when it's dry will only make it frizzy and could damage the hair follicles, disrupting the cuticles and leading to breakages.

Your best bet is to brush hair whilst you're in the shower, whilst it is still wet.

Condition hair, brush through so that it nourishes hair from around ear length to tip, then rinse out. Once clear, step out of the shower, towel dry hair as gently as you can (you just want to take excess water out of the hair rather than dry it), then brush through once more just to remove tangles. Once you're done, step away from that brush! 

Controlling Hair

On a warm or humid day, if your hair gets a little bit frizzy, use your fingers to comb it through. If it's looking a little unhappy, wet your hands with water or one or two drops of oil, then gently smooth over the tips of hair. Once dry, your frizz should have vanished.

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