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hello, i am 20 yrs old and i need help. almost 2 weeks ago (sunday night) the left side of my scrotum began itching. when i got out the shower that night i noticed a small red line that looked like a scratch. i payed no attention to it but that next morning (monday morning )i noticed it changed into a some sort of rash and it was sort of moist. i thought it may have been an std because i had sex wednesday night and saturday night with the same girl which began unprotected but finished with a condom both times. wednesday night i gave her oral sex but not saturday night. anyways, i went to see a medical doctor that monday afternoon and she told me it could be a fungus from sweating but couldnt tell if it was an std yet so i got tested for clhymidia & gonorrea and she told me to use Gold Bonds medicated body powder until my results came back in 7days. within the 7 days the rash spreaded to the left side of the base and i noticed a few small bumps on my penis, maybe 3 or 4 and i noticed the opening on the tip looked slightly wrinkled, so i used Gold Bonds body cream also. it didnt itch as much on my scrotum and the redness reduced; overall it looked much better but the tip of my penis still looked dark and wrinkled and my urinary track is began itching. 7days passed and my results were negative so i went back and she seemed sure if was a fungal infection now so she told me to to continue using the powder. the day before yesterday i couldnt resist the itch so i mastrbated. afterwards i noticed small bumps trailing along my urinary track. the redness is gone since i stopped scratching but the rash is still there. im scared that this might be herpes even though the doctor said it wasnt an std. can any one help me with information on what this may be and how i can get rid of it?..


Hi my name is aaran and im almost 13

ive had the exact the same thing as you

but obviosly i dont have sex but i did masterbait

i havent visited a doctor but im sure it wasnt from sex

because i have it and never had sex tell me the answer when you find out