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I'm 34 and started a lenthy divorce 4 years ago. my wife was my first of 3 sexual partners. i had a short fling in between ex-wife and current girl friend of over 3 years.

Dec of 05 while with my current girl friend I was out going out of town and experienced extreme itching with redness of my scrotum. I had to leave without seeing doctor. My girlfriend went to her GP and was treated for a yeast infection althought she on had minor external irritation, never discharge. I never went to doc but did get some extra cream her GP prescribed her. this seemed to help.

At the time I was shaving my scrotum but imediately stopped. 3+ years later I still have red itchy balls. I've been to an std clinic and was told there was no way I had herpes or any other std. never been to GP or derm. because it just wasn't bad enough to show a male doctor (female at std clinic I don't have a problem showing my equipment to the girls). Anyway the skin on the front of both testicles is red, slightly bumpy (goose bump like), and shiny, "normal" strip down the middle and on sides by my thighs. I have had jock itch on the insides of my thighs & butt crack and I think it has been cleared up all winter. I've taken plenty of antibotics, used the normal yeast infection cream, neosporan, and cal gel poison ivy gel(which always takes care of the itch but dries out skin more). it's usually worse after sex but occasionally gets irritated without sex.

so that's all I can think of, anyone's thoughts and opinions will be apprecatied.


I've honestly had the same thing for a while now and using anti fungal cream hasn't worked for me ... My family doc doesn't know what it is other than possible jock itch ... I wonder why no doctors can diagnose this