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Hi I'm really worried about whats happening in that area
15 yr old male STD- free i know that for sure

one day after having sex with my girlfriend i noticed the bottom of my shaft and my scrotum were kind of itchy.
The next day it was intensified and i spent most of my time itching my crotch and the sides of my scrotum. it spread to my entire scrotum over the next few days and the top of the back of my penis as well as the bottom of the side facing me. 

More recently it has been a chafing sort of burning feeling rather than an itching feeling and the skin is peeling a little bit. there is a distinct line between where the "rash" begins and ends on my scrotum. i tried hydrocortizone and saw no difference.

As of yesterday I've had small pimple like legions appearing on my inner thighs where my testicles touch my leg. I tried applying hydrocortizone and Differin to these and noticed no difference there either.
The itching and chafing feeling seems to be making its way down towards my anus but there is no visible sign of rash there. The rash looks shiny almost, kind of leathery and smooth.

Can anybody help me?
 I don't know if this is related but i might as well say it, lately I've noticed very tiny red dots on the head of my penis but that could just be from my girlfriends teeth during oral.


Might be a fungal infection ("yeast infection" or "jock itch"). The antifungal creams that you use for athletes foot work on it.