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i noticed last night that i have a rash in my upper thigh next to my scrotum, it doesnt hurt much and it smells bad. no itching and its not causing iritation but i just want to know what it is. can anybody help me?


Without an exam or a photo, I'd be hard pressed to try to guess what it could be.

Since you indicate that it smells bad, I'd think that it might be an infection.
And that smell may be a clue to a cleanliness problem.

Be sure to wash with soap and water, and dry thoroughly in the area.
Many men swear by Gold Bond Powder to keep the area talc dry, but I wouldn't do much more than powder the general area.

You may need some first aid ointment or cream. Becareful not to get anything you treat the rash with onto the scrotum because that skin is especially sensitive...and you'll feel it!

Good luck.