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Ok, so lately, for the past 10 months? I have experienced something such as a rash between my thigh and balls. I thought it would just go away on its own, but it never did. And I am really to embarresed to go to my docter or do much of anything now because the last few weeks i have developed some pimple like bumps around the rash which have now spread down my leg to my knee. Can anyone please help?!?!


I am afraid you will have to go and see a doctor. It is nothing dangerous but you need to figure out what it is. You shouldn’t be embarrassed because the other guys you would meet there are in the same boat as you are, maybe even worse.

It is quite possible that you have ingrown hairs and that they got infected. If skin bacteria gets into these pores, it may cause infection that looks like small pimples or a rash that is easily spread by touching to other parts of the body.

You should know that this area (thighs and testicles) represents a very good soil for all sorts of fungus and bacteria because it is moist and sweaty and these microorganisms just love such environment.

In order to get this cleared, you need to figure out what exactly this is, fungus, bacteria or contact dermatitis (or something else) and according to the diagnosis get appropriate treatment.