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Hello I wanted to share situation hoping that someone have some type of knowledge on my problem. I have a rash between my legs which have spread all over body face head feets ankles caf .the have turned very dark it feel oily but it is very dry if i start scathing it .on my lower legs its also have turn very dark and hard .the rash between my legs on my testicles bag feel oily like as i notices that when i scatch it the black look alike fungus come off i can see these little oily strips Look like small skinny vein im I'm able to scratch it off but it hurt like .all the doctors i went to say that it is fungus but there have been. any fungus medications to remove this rash so I'm hoping and praying that someone might have some knowledge about dis rash that they could share with how. I might beable to get rid of it.i would appreciate it so much i have been dealing with dis situation over a year now .i don't have the money to go to a dermatologist so if there anyone out there that might be able to shed some light my problem please respond back me.i also want to THANK each and everyone who took the time to read dis .



I'm going to be frank with you, you most likely won't find a way to successfully get rid of this rash or fungal infection without seeing a dermatologist. You can first maybe try using over-the counter anti-fungal medication like Monistat or Canesten, but there's really only some chance these medications are going to help you to get rid of the infection in the genital area. Besides, even they cost enough money as would an appointment with the dermatologist cost because you probably will, in the end, need a prescription anti-fungal medication to cure boy-wide infection,

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