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For the past couple of monthes i have been experiencing a strange rash on my lower leg. At first it did not itch at all, and now it almost hurts when im not scratching it. I thought for a while it was because of shaving, so i got new razors, diffrent non aggrivation body wash and diffrent shaving cream. I even got lotion to put on after my shower just in case it was really dry skin. It has not left at all, and in fact, it has spread from inner calf to all the way around my lower leg. I am rather worried, and it seems to radiate red around the bumps in the sun. The range in size from small red bumps to large round pinker bumps, but i think those are from scratching so bad. Can anyone help?


It is important that you see a doctor about this rash. There are a lot of skin diseases and only an experienced dermatologist’s eye can tell what it really is.

While this could be folliculitis, it could also be contact dermatisis, hives or any other skin disease.

Foliculitis represents inflamed ingrown hairs, that got infected by skin bacteria and may be hard to leave. Usually foliculitis goes away on its own but sometimes the bacteria may be persistent and you may need a help of antibiotics. I had such problems with foliculitis in my groin area and after taking antibiotics, they cleared but I also stopped shaving. Now, I only use wax.

Foliculitis can also be spread from one place to another from constant picking, so I would advise you didn’t touch them-no matter what they are.