Can you help me out with a problem of achey joints that has been on-going for about 6 weeks. The symptons started with a painful sensation in my upper rt. upper groin area about six weeks ago. Then the symptoms became more general throughtout my groin area. It became somewhat specific in my prostate area where my doctor said he tought I had a prostate gland infection (but the pain in my lymph gland area was never explained). After having two different blood tests two weeks apart and both came back normal he prescribed levaquin for 4 weeks. Throughtout this period I was having the general groin pain and occasionally body aches with joint pain. After the 4 week period of taking the medicine I still was not fully recovered and went back to see my doctor. He recommended I see a urologist who checked my prostate and said there was nothing unusual but wanted me to go back on the levaquin for 2 more weeks (just to be sure the infection was gone). As I began the second treatment I felt even more pain in my joints. I called the urologist and he said this was not uncommon for Levaquin and I could stop if I did not feel more generalized discomfort in my prostate or groin area. I have stopped the levaquin for 3 day now and still feel like my body has a slight virus with the achey joints but I cannot dectect any fever nor have I had a history of one.
Now I am at a loss as to what might be going on. I do seem to have a little tightness in my chest area (maybe allergy) but it did not keep me from running two miles on the elliptical machine at my gym two days ago. Also, I have a little discomfort in my rt. groin area again but it is minor. I was hoping that the generea body aches (especially joints) would go away with the exercise but now all my joints are a little sore and especially my ankles and knees. Any ideas why I have these joint aches still.