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I've overworked my feet walking all over town (car has a flat and I can't afford either the tire replacement or the bus fare) so it had been aching for a little while but today it felt alot better until I walked back from a appointment and it started to aches like normal.

But what worries me is that when I was getting the dishes ready to be washed I started to feel creaks in the same area of the aches which is in the left side of my left foot in the back half of the foot.

Is it possible that the joint in there are rubbing raw and therefore creaking? what other reason could I be feeling the creaking?


my right foot also aches but it is nearer my toes and i would like to know why. when i bend my toes there is a creaking in my bones. i heard that the creaking of bones is normally something to do with gasses escaping from the joints , but it is normally painless. why is mine aching?