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ive been with my boyfreind for nearly 2 years, when he annoys me i feel like i hate him, then a few hours later im ok with him. i see him all the time, everyday. Is there somthing wrong with me because i jump from love to hate all the time or is it because i see him too much???


There's a song that says." you say that you love me and then you turn around and say you hate me, I wonder if this is really love?". No, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just like any young person experiencing the phase of infatuation. Y ou can't really love a person and then turn around and hate them. You need some space to sort out your feeling and some alone time. Do you still engage in other relationships with your other friends and family? Being with a person for two years and everyday can drive a person up a wall. Its almost like you loose a part of yourself. Just chill out and take some away time and get refreshed. You have you whole like ahead of you. Don't take especially wanting to be in love so serious at such a young age.... Relax and be happy..

Be Blessed...