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so i'm 19 years old. On sunday i will be starting my first pack of birth control ever. I'm real curious and i have a LOT of questions, which for the most part my doctor answered. BUT here was one i forgot to ask and didn't remember until i got home. Sunday i will be seeing my boyfriend and yes there is a definite chance that we will have sex. Since that will be my first day, will it be ok to have sex and him release inside me? Or will that be too soon and not enough time for the birth control to take effect?

Thank you!


Well, You could have unprotected sex as long as you continue taking the pills perfectly afterwards. Miss/be late for ONE pill and the sperm may fertalise something.

But, as someone with a little more experience about the pill, I would advise you went one cycle on the pill before having unprotected sex.

The reason being you do not know yet what the pill will be like.

You don't know what kind of pill taker you are yet, some take it perfectly. Others forget pills, others are late a lot.

You might stop taking it for some reason halfway into the cycle. For example, if you fall ill, or go on antibiotics, or experience side effects.

The dose of progesterone in the pill may not be high enough to stop you from ovulating. (I was on my first pill for 6 months before changing it, because I had been ovulating the entire time! - the dose was not high enough)

All clinics should advise you to wait a cycle before having unprotected sex. Its best to be safe than sorry, although technically, yes, you could have sex from the first day, but you MUST continue taking the pill perfectly from then on.

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thank you so much...

i really appreciate this...
i would ask my mother if i could, but if i tell her than i need to tell my dad too, and i know he would just flip, because i'm his little girl and what not. So i really appreciate you helping me.



Its what I am here to do!

Just remember to take your pill every day at a suitable time, (set an alarm on your phone, I do this and I have never missed a pill, not once! The latest I have ever taken one is about an hour late) - when taken perfectly, the pill is one of the safest forms of birth control you can take, its only when your pill taking becomes erratic that it starts to become less effective!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on the Birth Control (contraception) board.