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Hey, I'm 19 and i just pulled back my foreskin after weeks and months of slightly pulling it back to loosen it up to fully pull it back. My foreskin covers my glans but it covers most of my head and it leaves some of it exposed. But since it's the first time I've pulled it back, the head is so sensitive that when anything touches the head it'll cause discomfort or even slightly painful if you can catch my drift. Im keeping the foreskin passed my glans, but I want to know if this is normal and if there's a way to desensitize the head.

P.S I can pull my foreskin back and forth with no problem 


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hey there,

congrats on finally being able to pull your foreskin back. it is important to pull it back and wash the glans of your penis and under your foreskin every day/whenever you are in the bath or shower, especially after ejaculating.  it is very normal for your glans to be quite sensitive. I would try exposing your glans in a warm bathtub and just let water flow over it. you can also try it in the shower if the jets aren't too strong. then slowly rub it . when masturbating you can try using some lube.