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hey i m 16......

now i can retract my penis foreskin back completely with no problem!!!!!!!!!!

but the only problem is when i pull it back and touch the head of my penis it is too sensitive!!!

i just hate that i cant touch my penis head........:(

when i pull the foreskin back and try to rub it with my hands or with any cloth(or try to wear my underwear on it) it pains.....:(

i just saw, one of my friend who is able to keep the penis retracted under his underware for 24 hrs and he doesn't suffer from any pain...........

i just want that  i should be able to keep my penis retracted 24 hrs......

plz help me .......

plz reply....

i just wantsome advices on my this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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The only way to desensitize it is by making it get used to being touched. Here's what I did. I pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go and cleaned the whole thing with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. When it dried I took a piece of soft flannel and holding the foreskin back tightly, caressed it gently for as long as I could stand it. Be sure to get under the rim at the base of the head. I did that as often as I could, which was quite often because it felt so good that it usually resulted in masturbation. Eventually I didn't need the flannel and I just used my fingers.



It is sensitive because you are not circumcised and the head hasn't been exposed to rubbing on things. I would not rub anything on it, especially rubbing alcohol. 

trust me. when you start having sex/getting blow jobs you are going to want a sensitive head. It will make things better for you in the long run. 



Touch it every time, it will get used to it. May take a few weeks or months, dont worry about it, its normal.

Dont agree with atomiclove on the last part: im very insesitive and love being able to give my wife a long night, instead of being unable to control myself after 10 minutes..


Hello Guest.
I'm an Englishman, but know exactly the problem you have - but I think there is very little you can do about it until your glans (the under-foreskin pink-bit) has endured considerable friction - with the right sort of lubrication, of course.

I never realized my f/s could retract until I was 11 y/o at prep school, when a nurse had to give me a bath because I was unwell. Having established that, I used to play with my penis and was taught to masturbate at about 12 ys/o.

Throughout my teens and perhaps until I was about 35 / 40 y/o, my glans was very sensitive, but gradually this was reducing. Now, aged 60, it has become almost immune to stimulation - sadly!

I think I was very lucky to have been born with a super-sensitive penis. Even though I didn't lose my virginity to a wonderful girl until I was 19 (and had never engaged in wanking unless by only touching my foreskin, never the glans), on my first night, with the help of the lubrication she provided and the pre-cum that emanated from me (which I think helps de-sensitive), it was just such a fantastic experience and not in the slightest painful.

You're future wife may not be too pleased that you may come pretty easily during your younger years, but at that age, even if you do, you should be able to maintain erection and come several times, thanks to the sensitivity. I certainly could. Those with de-sensitised cocks at an early age may well rue the day.

I hope all goes well for you.


But when the woman touches your penis won't it hurt???