My 20 year old son has had chronic knee pain since his knee
surgery almost a year ago. The surgery was to correct his
knee from dislocating. His knee has dislocated 3 times since the
surgery - he has been able to put it back in place each time so far.
His knee is swollen, he limps and has pain anytime he walks on
it. He did have complications after the surgery. His incision burst
the morning after his surgery and he had to see the doctor about
4 times to remove gelled blood from his knee. He cannot afford
surgery until he can find a job with health insurance. The doctor
will not give him anymore medication for pain.
I have had surgeries on both knees from same problem - apparently
hereditary. He has had surgery on the other knee first with no problems.
Is there somewhere he can get pain medication until he can have
surgery? We live in AUstin Texas