I know it's very painful & it sucks that I cant eat much food. I've lost a ton of weight, and mind you I was already skinny I think I'm gonna end up in bones. Literally! First few days 1-4 I needed water, water, water because of all the dryness going on and pain. What I found out was that in those days a plain McFlurry did the trick with some oxycodone. Days 5-7 my pain has been at night while sleeping, and it stings, and burns in my throat! But almost all the scab is clearing up. I brushed my teeth more than twice especially in the morning, and at night. I also gargled warm water with a lot of salt and purchased Orajel antiseptic without the alcohol ( the one that helps for canker sores & Minot wounds) and it helps a lot!! I don't have to be drugged all day with pain medication and for when the scabs is clearing you might want to try out a nice warm tea. It helped soothe my throat pain a lot. I don't find it as bad as people make it seem because the key is to find a way what makes you feel better & salt water gargles to clean out the back & any bacteria back there. But whats uncomfortable is having to drink warm drinks all day because the stinging is what sucks. Anything cold aggravates it and makes it worse even cold water. My tip is to take care of it, if your eating make sure to spit out the food that gets stuck back there, brush, and gargle! Trust me it would get a lot of that white/yellowish yucky scab out and the bad foul breath won't be as bad. Hope this helps you cope with your tonsillectomy recovery.