It was previously thought that wearing contact lenses is much safer than undergoing laser surgery to correct impaired vision. Analyzing recent data, a physician William Mathers, M.D from Health & Science University Casey Eye Institute, feels that things have changed and that this belief should be assessed and investigated again.

After going through massive studies, Dr Mathers realized that there are bigger risks associated with wearing contact lenses than having a laser surgery to correct vision.
The only difference is that problems with contact lenses occur many years after wearing lenses while surgery complications occur shortly after the surgery.

The dangers of wearing contact lenses are possible infections that could occur after wearing contact lenses overnight or after improper care and cleaning. There is a lifetime risk of bacterial keratitis in 1 out of 100 every day lenses’ users. Bacterial keratitis is an infection that causes an inflammation of the cornea and can lead to vision loss.

This report is not indicating that contact lenses are unsafe only that they are not safer comparing to the laser surgery and that both of the treatments have possible complications.

Dr Mathers even mentioned that undergoing laser surgery may be even safer in the long run.