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My Fiance and I have been TTC since December, We think its the right time in our lives.
Getting negative results just keep coming up and I'm almost to scared to take another one.
My minds more on I'm not pregnant then letting hope in. Except now I'm confused.

I haven't felt the same since AF which was in March, But this month I was suppose to start on the Fifth and have yet to start.
I have little cramps here and there, When I'm standing for a little while or sitting getting ready to drive I have them.
But, There not like period cramps. I have very bad PMS. The cramps are so bad at times I can barely stand.
On the 4th of may I was nauseous all day and when I ate it was alright. The next day i was fine no nausea at all.
But, My lower back started throbbing while driving home. And, Its been hurting off and on every since only its my entire back now.
I've been getting a new symptoms everyday. Using the bathroom at night at least every hour. Waking up to use the bathroom, Stuffy nose, Headaches, bloating, hunger,Been extremely tired even right after I wake up, Being shaky and light heated.
I feel like I'm going to get AF any time but I think that's more of my mind. Because I feel something leaking out, thinking its AF I run to the bathroom.
I'm going to wait until Friday to take a pregnancy test, I don't want to waste money on one and it start before then.

I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else before and they ended up pregnant?


Hi Honey! I think it's time for you to take your Prenatal Vitamins and get some non alcoholic Champagne!!! I THINK we have a winner here!!!! XD XD XD o.O XD Your symptoms are classic the ony one you didn't mentin is your boobs! Are the aerolas getting bigger and darker, are your nipples enlarging an hurting, and do your breasts feel sore? Either way start taking your Prenatal Vitamins - not just Folic Acid OK? And I don't think you need to wait till Friday! You are 5 days late AND have symptoms, so your body is aware of some change already, SO let's find out what change that is!!!!! I will keep EVERTHING crossed - God Bless Honey! Please let me know OK? Good luck!


I haven't noticed a changed in the color or anything.
But, There sore and heavy like with PMS and I get these weird painful sharp pains in them every once in a while.

I just don't want to be dissappointed, Taking it friday seems like it would give my body time in case AF is on her way.

Thanks, We hoping and praying this time worked. :-D