Hi! Little background: Had my first Iud levonova in when I was 17-22 (5 years). Only had occasional bleeding until the end, when it started to come regularly last few months. Decided to put a new Iud in, this time I got Mirena. I had mirena in for ca 2,5 years, took it out on the 23 October 2014 as it made me depressed and so on. Had only occasional bleeding as well. On 25 October after removal I got my first period that lasted for 2 days. On 28 November I got my second period, lasted about 3 days. According to my app I should have had it on the 30th December, but Now it is 6 January 2015 and still no period? I took a test on jan 1, and it was negative. Another thing; I'm currently backpacking in Vietnam with my bf. we are only using condoms at the moment, but it has been a few times that we forgot to put it on straight away or skipped it. He have not once ejaculated in my vagina or near it since the iud was removed, but I guess there could have been a bit of Pre-cum? On jan 2 I felt annoyed like i was pms-ing, and on jan 3 I had a teeny bit of brown discharge. And that was it. I have had a lot of cramps in my stomach (not uterus) and felt bloated and constipated lately, also pee a lot more, then again I'm in a foreign tropical country so I'm eating and drinking a lot? My mother had several iuds and never had any problems, she thinks I'm pregnant but I think she wants a grandchild :p I don't know what next step is? Should I take another test or see a doctor? How long should I wait? Never been pregnant before that I know of.. Thanks in advance!