the last time I started my period was on jan 23 and it still hasn't come yet. everytime we use trojan condoms and none of them have broken. do you expect your period to start the following month on the day it started, or the day it ended the previous month? if it is the start, today it will be 2 weeks late (mar 9), and if it's the time it ends, 1 week. I'm so stressed and paranoid. although I show no symptoms whatso ever of pregnancy. but I talked to my mom. she told me she didn't show any symptoms when she was pregnant with me, but for 1 exception, tender breats, and apparently, it happened around the 1st month of when she got pregnant with me. I don't have tenderness at all. nor did I have any kind of "spotting" blood. I know I could possibly be pregnant, but could I please get other options besides the obvious one?