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I have been very worried that past three weeks. I slept with my boyfriend for the first time 3 and a half weeks ago. We used a condom and I didn't worry about anything until exactly a week later when I vomited a few times completely out of nowhere. From then on I became paranoid that I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms. My friends calmed me down and I realised that many of the symptoms of pregnancy are normal pre-menstrual symptoms. I don't actually know when my period is due but from roughly guessing when I got it in April-May I should be getting it around now, as it is day 37. About four days ago I began to experience itchiness around the entrance to my vagina and it seems like I have thrush. I took a pregnancy test to calm my nerves and it came out negative but I'm worried again that it was just too early and I really am. I also have had a really bad outbreak of spots all over my face, even my cheeks..I usually get one or two spots a month so this is unusual.

Does anybody know what is going on? I never have problems like this and I'm hoping it is just a reaction to stressing. I am also not at home for the summer and due to money constraints prefer to avoid the doctor until really necessary.



Is your boyfriend a big drinker? Put fresh plain yogurt, organic is best, put alot and don't be scared of it and just leave it. Should clear fairly quickly if you have a mild infection.