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My left shoulder blade is sore, itchy, burning, and very painful. I went to the doctor they did X-ray and didn't see anything. I have been having this problem for two weeks now and don't know what is going on. I have read  a lot of the same symptoms with others. Do anyone no what it could be? Thanks!


I am experancing the same exact thing now for about a month...while traveling through an airport security, I was scanned by one of those new full body scans and a dense area was spotted in the same spot of my discomfort.  Security had to Pat me down for a conceiled items on my back.

It seems to be getting worse now. Ive been busy with the doctors to help me with my bad knee and the pain from that. Now I will have my Regular doctor take a look at my shoulder blade.  Im only 50...shot me


If anyone has any Idea what my problem is with my Shoulder Blade.  Aka....Pain Heat and Iching in that area...please reply to this message for me to recieve an email.