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Left Side Pain Day After anal sex. 

A few weeks ago i tried anal sex with a soft dildo (7 inch long and about 1,95 inch wide), and since then I have mild pain (more discomfort) on the left side and i am constipated. 

I went to doc. ( i told the truth about the dildo - I was really embarrassed beacuse i'm a straight male) and told me to treat constipation first. I solved the constipation a week ago with a diet based on fiber and water ( a lot), and because of that I lost some weight. :( 

I feel a bit better now and the pain is not so present (I noticed that if I think the pain is present - maybe it is mental? ).

I am a little hypochondriac, maybe it's an inflammation of sigmoid colon? 

Has anybody experienced this? If yes, what have you done to pass the mild pain? And how long takes to heal? 



Anyone? Has anybody experienced this?


I don't think the pain has anything to do with the dildo - different part of the body! I've always ound that anal masturbation was good for preventing constipation (exercising the muscles, or maybe its just the lube that does it)
See the doc again if the pain worsens