I have had a lifetime of skin conditions- psoriasis, eczema, barrier issues, random allergic reactions, etc. I have had a situation in the past where my fingerprints get wrinkly and peel off, and it is painless and only lasts for two weeks at most. However, for the past two months I have had this issue again and this time it had progressively gotten worse and worse to the point where my fingerprints are completely unrecognizable, they are cracking and peeling, even warm water feels like it is burning the skin in that area, and the slightest impact with something somewhat sharp breaks right through that skin. The craziest part is that it is only on my right hand, there is nothing of the sort happening to the fingerprints on my left hand. It also started out only on my right thumb, pinky, and ring finger. And just within the past week and a half has now moved onto all fingers on my right hand. My best guess is that I am allergic to the dish soap I have been using, otherwise I have done nothing different with my routine. Any help would be appreciated!