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I have had a skin irritation on my left index finger for the a couple of years now and I'm to my wit's end with it. Here's some pictures:

One is with flash, the other is without. Also, NOTHING is applied to my hand, there's no wetness. Any shiny-ness you see is my skin being shiny without being wet. Pretty awful, huh?


It's a flaking, painful, burning area on my finger that has not gone away for quite some time now. It has hurt somewhat to bend that finger for who knows how long. Most days, there's several little sliver/scale of skin that dries up and flakes off, getting caught on random objects and getting ripped off. That's quite painful. I don't exactly have the money to go to a Dermatologist, and the internet is the best I can do as far as leading me in the right direction. Some information that might help:


- I don't drink sodas

- I'm right handed (So this is happening on the hand I don't use as much)

- I'm Lactose Intolerant (That'd be a weird side effect, wouldn't it?)

- I don't spend a lot of time in the water

- I do not swim or come into contact with Chlorine or salt water

- I've used several lotions on it, and I've also ceased all use of lotions. Nothing helps.

- I've changed my soap, hand sanitizer, dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, just about everything

- This is the only area on my body that does this (except for my OTHER index finger that have small spots of peeling skin...not as extensive. It's on the same side of my finger as well.)

- I drink around, if not more, the daily recommended amount of water

- I'm an artist, so I come into contact with inks, watercolors, graphite, charcoal, you name it. However, again, I am right handed so most of the time it doesn't touch my left hand very often if at all

- I also live in Texas, however it lasts all year, not just in the heat


Has this happened to anyone else?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!


i need to reply 3 times just to post a topic to get help!?!?!?