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I have been told by my GP that I have gutted psoriasis. I never had any skin problems, but few weeks ago I've noticed strange oval patches on my arms, legs and tummy. I though it was some sort of allergy so I didn't go to visit my doctor. Finally, I couldn't stand the itching so I went to see my GP, and he told me that I had psoriasis, but it isn't normal one. He also told that my psoriasis is treatable condition but not curable. I've been given aqueous cream, but it just makes skin soft and doesn't seem to be making any improvement. I'm not sure what to do, should I wait few weeks or visit my GP again if I don't see an improvement? I'm quite insecure about my body and this diagnose just makes it worse.


Hi. Your doctor is right. This is not curable disease, but it is treatable. I totally understand how you feel. I had the other type of psoriasis and treatment helped me got rid of it. I didn't have break outs in almost 5 years. This is not contagious disease altough many people may think otherwise. The trigger is usually a streptococcal infection, for example after having a strep throat infection or it could be an immune reaction. While on my therapy I was on Erythromycin and Penicillin. I;ve been prescribed with aquous cream. Give it some time to work. Try not to scratch or rub your skin harshly to reduce flair ups. Also, I've been using Tar products for my scalp. Anyway, this treatment needs to be done until your lesions are under control. Just be sure to follow your treatment plan your dermatologist puts you on and remember that you are not alone with your disease. Good luck!