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What do think I have, so far I've ruled out athletes feet (there is no dead skin involved or any dryness not even cracking skin).
It started out on my right foot and then spread to my left, just only on the areas around my toes. It's bearable to walk but they are extremely red itchy and swollen. I used to scratch a lot and I think that it spread to my right hand 'caues it's displaying the same symptoms.
It all starts with the itchiness and then it becomes swollen and now it's red because of the first two symptoms. All this is mostly concentrated around the nail areas, it's winter right now, I have a hunch that this is somewhat related to the weather though I've never experienced this before.
I know it's not an allergic reaction, but it keeps getting worse.

I've tried a home remedy of one part vinegar, one part listerine in a three part lukewarm water solution, this seems to sooth my feet though they still remain swollen itchy and red. Now as for my right hand I do the same thing, it seems to aggravate the redness and swollenness but it soothes the itchiness.
This has been going on for a week now, and I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions on what it might before I see the doctor...



You may have a fungal infection such as tinea versicolor.


Hello I have had the same syptoms started on one toe on the right foot and now on the left foot on 3 toes and today I have pain itch and burning in the web between the four finger. I have had much difficulty in walking at times with the pain and having to work 6 days a week on my feet it is very difficult. I have resorted to soaking my feet in straight vinegar and this releives the itch and pain and able to sleep at night without scratching. It seems to act up more when I am cold like cold feet it is very painful. I would like to know what the Dr. says to you. As I am going on vacation and no time to get to the doctor before going. Is it contaigous? Will it continue spreading? Is there a cure or just relief for it?