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I mean to mention in my last post... cant remember if I did mention, my ortho surgeon, GREAT guy, said that my screws would not need to be removed. I have read SOOO many posts in the last forums about so many others getting their screws removed.
I must be getting antsy for my next appointment for my next XRAY/CAT scan, I want to know how it is doing, and what can be expected. I guess I ROYALLY messed my foot up if he is leaving in the screws. He said that everything looked excellent after surgery. I guess I need to learn the value of being patient.
Is this swelling going to subside at some point? I hope so. It stinks to have a swollen foot. Oh, and I also have had ALOT of peeling of my skin this past week. I am getting excited to have results. Ok, enough boring stuff.



For my fusion surgery my screws are left in as well. When the foot gets fused, like ours, many doctors are not concerned about removing screws since the foot joints will no longer move. If the foot injury is repaired with screws, but not fused, many doctors want to take out the screws since the foot joint will be able to move again.

As for the swelling, it was probably a good 12 weeks before swelling was all but gone. Even when swelling reduces it may flare up again for a few weeks when you start walking on it. The peeling skin comes from the skin stretching and shrinking when the foot swells each day. As each passes things should get better and better. I do not regret for one minute getting my foot fused.