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it seems like lisfranc fractures are different for everyone as far as surgical procedures, healing time, etc. I broke three bones in my foot when i fell down some stairs and was diagnosed with a lisfranc fracture 2 days later. I had surgery 3 days after my injury and had 3 pins placed in my left foot. It's been 3 wks since my injury and next week I have an appointment to get x-rays and possibly get the pins removed. My doctor said that it would be no more than 2 wks from now to get my pins removed.
I am concerned at my doctor's optimism bc from everyone else's posts they spend months with pins/ screws in their foot. my pins will be out 4-6 wks after my surgery! is this normal??? should i be so optimistic that my recovery will be fast? i am 21 and athletic, maybe this makes the healing process go quicker? I am currently wearing a boot which i am allowed to remove in order to 'air out my foot'. after my pin removal i will be using the boot to walk but i am not sure if i will need physical therapy.
I am also concerned that my doctor will not be using anaesthesia to remove the pins with pliers!!! does anyone know if pin removal hurts??? my pins are about 1/8" in diameter, how can this possibly not be painful?!
I will keep eveyone posted on my recovery, hopefully everything does go quickly and if so it my provide some optimism for others with this same injury:)


With my original Lisfranc injury from my car accident I had 3 pins that went through my toes and into my foot. I did not have any screws in my foot. My orthopedic doctor at that time took the pins out at 6 weeks. There was some discomfort to having the pins pulled out but it's not too bad and it is over quickly.

However, I personally think my Orthopedic doctor took my pins out too soon, and the fact that he did not use screws caused my foot bones to shift as well as give me worse foot pain.

So 1 year later instead of going back to my Orthopedic doctor I went to see a new doctor (a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine-DPM). Because of my foot shifting and the bad arthititis he had to have my foot fused.