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This is my first time on a blog and I am hoping I can get some quick feedback. A brief background . . .I was in a severe head on collision auto accident on August 28th, 2008. Since that day I have felt like I have shattered glass in my foot. Eight weeks later, I finally had a doctor that took my pain seriously and performed a weight baring C-Scan which clearly showed a Lisfranc Injury. I am having surgery this Wednesday, November 5th. My doctor, whom I trust emensly is taking a conservative approach to wait and see when he get's in to determine how he will "repair" me. However, my feelings are, I should go right to the fusion versus the screws. Is it ture the arthritis will set in eventually with the screws, and if they bother me enough, will require another surgery and recovery process. With the fusion, my understanding is that it will be fixed and I will be able to move on. My questions are, what are other people's experience with both? I am 40 years old and stand on my feet as a chef and a pharmacist for my livelyhood. I also have 3 children. So, needless to say, I need to get back on my feet sooner than later. Please help me make a decision by hearing your experiences. Many thanks!!!


I had the repair the first time but mine did not set right and I had some shifting of the bones occur, as well as arthritis pain. So one year later I went back in to have the fusion done. I am much happier with the fusion results. However, I have read on hear other having great success with only a repair with screws. If that is the case you will have more flexibiliy in the foot and things will be close to what they were prior to your accident. By the way, my Lisfranc was also from a head on accident in Jan 2006.

I certainly do not want to give you advice here on what option to pick. That is definately something you and your doctor need to discuss. Good luck in your recovery.


This is tough choice. So many plus and minus for both options. Time is money and pain. Fast recovery is all we want. What a pain.


I am in a similar situation as you but I see that your post is a year or more old so I am curious to hear what you decided and how you're doing. I had ORIF 14 months ago and am now contemplating fusion....Any help and info is appreciated.



Did you have the fusion?if so how did it go?

Ihurt my foot in January, halcius longus tendon tear of great toe.

and capsular damage.long story made short. had to return to work did not have surgery.

twisted around quickly 3 weeks ago, POP and PAIN, intense. couldnt put foot down.

In a CaM boot, got in tosee Podiatrist first ,MRIs showed lisfranc fx along with several other happenings I wont mention right now.

CAM boot, as Surgeon was on vacation, saw his PA. went to see him recently.Stay in CAM for now for another 2months, with f/u xrays at that time.

Im working,but it can be difficult.Im on my feet most of the time.

still have swelling and pain, but not as bad as that first week.

May have to have fusion, don't know yet. will be determined as this is followed and by how it heals. also have ligament and tendon tears.

and other metatarsil fx's.

So what has your outcome been. trying to get better insight into healing process and outcomes of the mid foot arthodesis surgery.

just in case.... REad a paper , but it was from 1996... or there about... said 93% success rate with Arthrodesis of the midfoot.

didnt have all the details.