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I know that every lisfranc fracture story is different and there aren't two the same so i was just looking for some insight.

Let's start with my background of this injury. at the end of June 2015 i fell down a couple stairs and suffered a severe lisfranc fracture. I had to have emergency surgery that night and had 3 screws inserted into my foot. Everyone who has experienced this injury know the lengthy recovery process. My surgeon seemed very positive about my recovery process as time went on. It got to the point that at my appointments every 3-4 weeks I would always go in with the same complaints. My foot would still hurt/be sore, I had stiffness in my ankle, a twitch every now and then etc. Every time he would tell me that all was normal. I should throw in there that before this injury I was very physically active. My doctor didn't recommend physical therapy so I didn't question that very much. He gave me some stretches and different things to do for my ankle and toes. Being so young (23) he did recommend to take the screws out do to the possibility of them coming loose or cracking. About 4 months after the initial surgery I had my hardware removal surgery just for preventative reasons. After getting those stitches removed I haven't been back to the doctor since. I have experienced pain in my foot since the injury and I have always told myself I just had to give it time and it would get better but I'm not sure if that's the case anymore. I am still getting pain/soreness in my foot and ankle where at times especially when standing up after sitting i have trouble walking. I know it's guaranteed that i am going to have arthritis in my foot but I didn't think it would come so quickly. I am pushing almost a year and a half post initial injury so I was just curious before I go back to the doctor and they try and tell me this is normal what have others experienced with pain a year or so after their initial lisfranc fracture? Can you put your full body weight on your toes? Are you able to run?


hi nikkil ,thats going to be a question for your doctor. i had a heel injury a while back and in my case as soon as i felt less pain i started walking on it cause i was anxious to start walking not the kind of guy to just be sitting around ,im mean your still young and have a better chance of healing faster .in my opinion i think it up to the individal but thers a lot of factors to be considered