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i've been fine till recently, i have had a little bump on my testicals for about 6 months now, it doesn't hurt and i can't move it around, it is hard though, i hope it's not cancer. And i have recently had little red spots tha look like they might be rashes on the right side of my testical sack more closer to my groin, PLEASE HELL ME!

(sorry i'm not a good speller...)


I wouldn’t want to scare you, but you should really go have your testicle examined and even biopsied. If you have a hard lump in your testicle that is not painful, it could warn you for testicular tumor which is the most common in men aged 20-40. Ususaly tumors involves testicles itself and rarely spread to epidydimis or spermatic cord. You just need to get the diagnose the sooner the better. If it eventually turns out is cancer, the advantage is the fact you discovered it on time and therefore it is pretty curable. I guess you will have to do the ultrasound of your testicles.
The rash you mentioned could just be the irritation of the skin, have you experienced some excessive swearing in the genital area or something? This could be caused by some polyester underwear or some cloth you are not used to, I would always suggest to wear cosy cotton underwear so that the skin could breathe.