Before October 2005 I had no idea of what cystic Fibrosis was. Now after meeting on the net my husband i can tell that i know what CF means. Not only the medical explanation of it, but also all what implies to live with a CF, specially when he is the man of your dreams and you want to share your whole life with him. I moved to Australia after living 30 years of my life in Chile. I brought my son and we are happily married since october last year(2006). I knew the kind of things he has to face with his illness, but now is a bit different. He spends 5 to 6 hours a day in treatment ventolin pump, and then physiotherapy (cleaning his airways) i am now helping with that, he lays on bed and i give soft but lots of little hits on his chest, in this way the sputum get a bit loose and he can coughs it out. The other thingg is that he has to spend regurarly between 10 to 20 days in hospital for a tune-up when he receives antibiotics thru the vein. We have to take care also of ourselves, not getting a cold , because a cold for my husband means generally hsopital and if it gets into huis chest can get into neaumonia. Even all of this my life is beautiful and i thank God to have net my husband , beacsue i learnt how important are the lil things you live dat by day