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I have been treated for depression for over ten years now and seem to have an episode at least once a year. I take regulat medication and have tried CBT with different mental health nurses, seen a psychiatrrist who said there was nothing wrong with me and seen a psychologist all to no improvement.
I am currently off work as I have been crying for 3 weeks, not all day but often through the day (about 2 or 3 times) when I sart to cry i don't feel sad just like i will never stop crying, i seem to not laugh often and sometimes force a laugh so people will think i'm normal.
I get blurry eyes and flashing spots if I concentrate on one thing too long, my appetite is normal although all i really want to eat is chocolate.
I get very tired through the day and often have to have a nap.
I worry about my home and garden as jobs just pile up because i don't have the energy to do them and can't afford to pay someone else to do them. My husband does what he can but is very limited as he is in chronic pain 24/7 due to spine probs.
I don't want to hurt or kill myself but would like to feel rested when i wake up.
I forget things like going into the kitchen for a drink will come back without it or sometimes forget what i am saying part way through a sentence and just have no idea what i was talking about.
I am too hot when others are cold and have night sweats, my feet are often cold.
Can anyone offer any help, suggestions, ideas?


Dear Mollard

I’ve been diagnosed with depression over 15 years ago, and can relate in many ways to the situation you’re describing. Four months ago, I wanted to end my own life.

I could go on telling you about all the issues I confronted through the years, what they meant to me, how I found out about all the different things I’ve tried, but that would make this post a very long one, and all about myself.

Rather than that, I’ll just tell you about what I know and what worked for me.

- The most effective ways of dealing with depression are taking antidepressants, seeking counselling, exercising, exposure to light, and taking a herbal medicine called St John’s Wort (widely used in Germany). In case you have a faith, praying is also effective.
- Serotonin is a chemical that acts in the brain to produce the feeling of overall well being. It's produced in the body from a nutrient called tryptophan. Tryptophan rich foods include poultry (esp. turkey), eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, bananas
- the body needs vitamin B, omega-3, calcium and magnesium to be able to transform tryptophan into serotonin. Exposure to light is also very important. Low GI carbohydrates also help.
- Phenylalanine (artificial sweetener), plus another 3 substances (sorry, I can't find the reference for the other 3, but they were not critical to me), compete with tryptophan to enter the brain (so having a lot of "diet" products like I used to prevented the brain from absorbing tryptophan).
- Chlorophyll is a mild, natural antidepressant found in green leafy vegetables (supplements such as spirulina or chlorella are an alternative).

So four months ago I started eating the good foods as much as I could, taking Vitamin B, fish oil (for omega-3), magnesium and chlorophyll supplements, cut out the bad ones (including coffee, it was just a cup a day but anyway…). I also exercise (just going out in the sun a few minutes a day, to walk or run). Meantime I also started acupuncture.

I’d like to notice that I don’t do all of the above everyday, and I have now stopped taking the supplements. Acupuncture was once a week on the first month, now it’s down to once a month.

These days I do feel like nothing can affect me negatively.

This post is just to say, I know it’s too hard when you are depressed, but there’s things you can do. Loving and nurturing yourself are the keys, and the way to do that is eating well, getting under the sun and exercising regularly. Which are very important to a healthy life, physically and mentally. I know it sounds like blab, but I have experienced it and know too well it works.

Hope this helps!!! Best of luck!!!