My friend was sitting on the backseat of the running van and was in a deep sleep. Speedbreaker came in the way which went unnoticed by her father who was driving a van and there was sudden hard jerk and my friend was thrown up and her head hit the roof of the van, since she was in a deep sleep on getting up was frightened by the incident and was not able to speak. She was immediately taken to the hospital where neurosurgeon suggested that it is a psychological shock and she will recover in next 4 to 5 days.

Her MRI and CT are normal, no medications were given. she could speak 3-4 words in an hour after the accident but with difficulty. its been 2days now and she can speak few sentences but with difficulty.

? I wanted to know how many days she will take to recover completely? Are there any residual effect in this kind of shock? ie she will talk as she use to talk before accident or some difficulty will remain forever. Are there any dangers related to this disorder? Is such kind of disorder common or seen in few type of people only?