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I have noticed that people of all ages are suffering from back pain. Due to lifting heavy weights or due to birth problem. I am practicing for good health from many years and today I would like to give you treatment for back pain:-

Since our back bears the most stress of the body, so having back pain is a common phenomenon. But back pain should never be Back Pain1taken lightly. So whenever you feel pain on back you should immediately get it checked by doctor or specialist. There are many a reasons due to which back pain is aroused. Some of the common reasons are bad sleeping posture lifting heavy burden and doing some stressful activities.

Sometimes people misdiagnosed back pain as sciatica and treat it like sciatica is treated. Doing so can endanger the situation. In such a case, you should consult your doctor and specify all the symptoms accompanied by the back pain so that he could suggest you the right treatment to cure the problem.

Are you also suffering in back pain? Don’t worry I have some treatment to cure back pain.

This treatment is very easy; all you need to do it just take some pillows and a chair. Place the chair in front of you and put feet on the chair. Take pillows and put them underneath your knees and bend your knees and hips.

Don’t use chair, if you are not comfortable with chair. This exercise is really helpful that can relieve stress from your back. Repetition of this exercise for three or four days will help you to come over the back pain. But if you don’t feel improvement or back pain persist then you should immediately contact to your doctor. Also, don’t practice this exercise for many days since it may lead to weakening of the muscles that may further leads to slower recovery from the back pain.

Using heating pads is also very supportive for the back pain. These heating pads are used for at least 20 minutes. In addition to that massage by ice pack can also help to come over the back pain. You also can add pills, if there is any sort of swelling in the back muscles.

Perhaps exercise is the most effective and efficient methods to cure back pain. There are two types of exercises to treat back pain, physical exercise and stretching exercise. Let’s know how physical exercise works to relief from back pain. Unlike from other treatments, it first strengths your body muscles to bear the pain. Strong muscles also support to spine and provide relief from the lethal pain. More over, exercise makes make your muscles flexible and create balance in your muscles; and thus helps to eliminate the back pain.

Second type of exercise is known as stretching exercise. Since generally back pain is due to imbalance in the muscles as a result stretching is mostly suggested to people in case of back pain. So, whenever you feel back pain, go for body stretching exercises. Studies reveal that people, nine out of ten, got benefited from stretching exercise. Not just old one, there many stretching excesses to treat back pain.

You also can get the assistance of Physiotherapist to choose a best stretching exercise method to cure back pain. First of all he would examine the case, and would suggest you a good exercise to cure your type of back pain.


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