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when i wake up in the morning i dont feel ok but if i breath in deeply i get a pain in the lower left back. but it isnt every deep breath i take it happen kind of unintentionally i dont know how to explain better.
so what does it happen? and after i get up from the bed the pain disappears when i breath deeply and everything is fine.
some stranger i think the pain worse when i sleep on the side (i mean not on the back and not on the stomach.


You should see a massage therapist.

You most likely have what they call a folded muscle or a knot (preferably) or even a spasm in your back.
Most of the muscles in your back are connected to muscles else where in your body, (like your chest)
so you may have strained a muscle or have a spasm. This would get worse when sleeping
on your side and effect your breathing once in awhile. This is due to you sleeping on it and
adding pressure to an already sensitive or spasmic muscle, and it spreads to other muscle tissue making your once
mild pain into a moderate pain. Which is why you feel it in your chest cavity, it can also affect your heart muscles, which can
feel like the wind getting knocked out of you. I recommend you seek attention, see a massage therapist see if they can relax the
muscle. You should be fine.
Hope you feel Better:)