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I am a concerned citizen and I think this issue needs to be known.  There should be something in the driving tests for people to be aware of low blood sugar among people with diabetes type 2.  They are just like drunks on the road.  These people are a threat to society and all who drive on the road.  What if they go into a low blood sugar when driving?  People need to be educated on what happens when someone goes into a low sugar.  I have a friend I know that gets low blood sugar.  She gets goofy and disoriented and I would hate to see her behind the wheel of a car if she goes into a low blood sugar.  This is very upsetting to me.  How many people out there have a drop in their blood sugar and we don't know it?  Shouldn't every diabetic check their sugar reading before driving?  I don't want to get into a wreck from someone passing out when their sugar drops.  Isn't their responsibility if this happens?


I can understand your concern about the safety about others on the road.  However, not all diabetic patients are going to experience hypoglycemic episodes when they enter a vehicle.  There are many diabetics who have good control over their blood sugars.  Trust me when I say they don't want to get into an accident any more than you do, so they will listen to their bodies if they suspect they are having a low blood sugar.  They usually will feel sick, lethargic, and array of other identifying symptoms and they will know to eat a snack to prevent a low blood sugar.  If I were you, I wouldn't worry so much about your friend or others who are diabetic drivers.  They should have been educated about their diagnosis and the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  If a diabetic patient is on the road that has uncontrolled diabetes, I would hope he/she knows what a risk that can be.