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HEllo, I am worried about everything to do with my pregnancy.  I have gestational diabetes with it and I am so freaked out!  I don't want to do something that would hurt my baby so I am really upset about this diabetes thing.  How do I keep from getting low blood sugar with my pregnancy?  I have a friend who had that happen to her and she passed out at the restaurant over by the college.  Luckily, there was a med student there who was familiar with diabetes and helped her out.  I am so scared that something like that will happen to me.  If I fall, what if I hurt the baby by falling or what if I pass out and no one knows what to do for me?  I want to know how I can know if it is going to happen before it happens so I can prevent it?  Has anyone any advice for a worried mom-to-be? 


Hello, Guest.... so I see you are worried about your pregnancy.  Many women worry at some time in their pregnancy about the health of their baby, if they're doing everything right, and if they are doing anything wrong.  Has the doctor discussed what you're supposed to do for your gestational diabetes?  It sounds like that you do not need insulin.  Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, occurs more so when a patient is taking insulin.  Insulin is needed to help lower blood sugar but too much of it or if there is not enough glucose in the blood, it can cause hypoglycemia.  As far as I know from your post, you should be fine since you are not on insulin.  Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.  Follow your doctor's orders; you're in good hands.