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Just recently I was told I have Low Thyroid function so the doctor put me on synthroid which has caused me so many more problems. I have recently been switched to a new medicine, but this too is not that good, I have high blood pressure which I never had before and my Blood Sugers are now higher then before. I sometimes think I have been missed diagnosis.


Have you reported these new side effects to your doctor who prescribed thyroid drugs?
How long have you been on this last drug? It may take some time for your body to make adjustments to this drug but at the same time you may need another dosage. This is why you need to let your doc know everything. In case you doubt the capability of your doctor, you should definitely have a second opinion.

Are you taking another kind of medicines beside the thyroid meds?
What drug are you on now for low thyroid? Have your low thyroid symptoms subsided since you’ve been on this drug?