I had a baby 4 months ago. There's been these weird movements in my lower abdomen. It feels exactly like a baby kicking. I'm also gaining weight and all of a sudden have a huge appetite! This scares me, as I think it can't possibly be a baby. If you do the math...Family told me that it could be my intestines settling back into place, but it has only started recently!!! It feels like I am having pregnancy symptoms. This is freaking me out. I am also very constipated lately, and I do look pregnant! I am quite thin, so even the least bit of weight I pick up shows. No pain at all, just the swelling that looks like a baby bump and the fluttering movement. I'm quite scared and I have no idea what this can be. Is it a possible sign of IBS? I don't hear any rumbling sounds though???
Please someone, give me an answer? Generally I am very healthy and eat healthily.